Sinbad *Dang, Sinbad says he’s broke again.

Sinbad filed for bankruptcy for the second time since 2009. Poor guy. Last month he filed chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The comedian whose real name is David Adkins, says he owes $10,991,715 in debt … and only has $131,000 in assets.

Specifically, according to TMZ, he owes $374,979 to American Express, $32,199 to Bank of America, and $2.3 million to the CA Franchise Tax Board.

He also claims he owes $8.3 million to the IRS for taxes from 1998-2006, and admits he owes both state and federal taxes from 2009-2012.

According to the bankruptcy docs, Sinbad earns only $16,000 per month and can’t afford to pay his bills.

But the bright side, he’s still got some possessions — a 2007 BMW 750i, a 2006 VW Beetle, a 2010 Ford F150, a 2010 Lincoln Navigator, $5,000 in home office equipment … and 200 copies of “Sinbad’s Guide to Life” currently for sale on Amazon for $6.25 each.

As we said, Sinbad filed for bankruptcy once before in 2009. However, the case was dismissed because he didn’t file the right documents.

So far, as of this posting, there has been response from Sinbad.