steve harvey (emotional)*Without a doubt Steve Harvey is an emotional guy.

You probably recall what happened back in January when he got a huge surprise during his birthday celebration. It was a phone call from an old friend and his wife in Orlando, Florida who helped Harvey out back in the day. When the caller said, “I just have one question, do you still love me, baby?” it brought the radio/TV host to tears.

Well, it’s happened again. On his daily, nationally syndicated TV show, while paying tribute to his late mother during a recent taping, Harvey became so overwhelmed that he had to walk off  stage.  In a touching tribute to his late mother, Eloise Harvey called “Things My Mom Taught Me,” hcrying like a baby he told the audience this:

“I can only hope that in everything that she’s taught me — somehow she’s somewhere watching me — I hope that I’ve made her proud of the man that I’ve turned out to be.”

Watch the emotional clip: