kanye west (knot on forehead)*Poor, poor Kanye West.

He’s got to walk around with a knot on his forehead.

A what?! Yep, dude was caught on tape knocking himself into another area code by the paps last Friday (05-10-13) when he and Kimmy K were on their way to get some food and dranks.

Yep, in his attempt to shield his face from being photo’d, as he was walking, he and was looking down instead of up or straight ahead. Anyway, as you know, when looking down when walking you can’t see necessarily see what’s in front of you. And that’s when/how it happened.

Annnnd the result is the nasty looking little head on his forehead in the pic above.

You can check it all out via the vid below as well as what happened moments later when he came out the bar/restaurant to confront another photog who had arrived after the head banging incident. All we’ll say is that the poor guy caught the brunt of Ye’s displeasure with the paps.