anthony mackie in 'pain and gain'*Anthony Mackie’s been hard at work lately, doing his thing as a black man, hustling and getting those gigs.

The actor recently interviewed with the Huffington Post, and chatted about his latest role in a new comedy-action film, working with folks like Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, and so many others.

How would you describe your role as “Adrian Doorbal?”

Adrian Doorbal is great for many different reasons. But what’s really cool about him is he’s kind of the grounding force of this movie. He’s one of those guys that could’ve went South really quickly, but in actuality he just wants to attain the American dream, which is a nice house with a wife who really cares about him and the white picket fence and a dog. That’s all he wants for himself.

I have never portrayed a character in this vein before. He was so dynamic and so convoluted. And I’m, for some reason, at this point in my life am really interested in people justifying their wrongs. I feel like there’s so many people that do awful things in their day-to-day life, but some kind of way in their minds, they can justify them. And that was something that I’ve become so interested in. So I wanted to explore that in a movie. And this movie came at the right time for me to do that.

Since you and your fellow co-stars, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are portraying bodybuilders in the film, was there any competition on the set in terms of weightlifting?

Mark and I would work out every morning together. And I thought I was competitive. He’s probably the most competitive person I’ve ever met. So there was definitely competition between us every day to see who could bench press the most. He got up to almost 400-and-something pounds. So we were definitely pushing each other to our limits every day.

Did you have any issues adjusting to a more discipline diet while filming?

Bodybuilding and weightlifting is more of a lifestyle more than anything else. So the diet part was easy, because it was just about staying focus and staying on your regime. It wasn’t like I had to eat anything or I couldn’t eat anything. It was all about putting together what nutrients I needed day-to-day to get enough of one thing or another in my body. So it was fairly easy for me. I ate a lot of lean protein like turkey and chicken. I got my carbs from sweet potatoes. So it became easier as time went on. But I tell you what, after three months of doing that I don’t want to see a piece of turkey or chicken for a long time.

Check out the full interview here.