antoine dodson (on tmz live)*In a twisted turn of events, Antoine Dodson, the former YouTube sensation and hot-pink wearing gay guy, has become one of the newest additions to the Hebrew Israelite Family (yup, let that sink in).

Dodson’s new (ahem) faith has required him to suppress his appetite for man parts in exchange for some good ol’ fashioned pu…(we’ll, you know). It looks like Big Mama aint lying when she says that God works in mysterious ways.

Dodson told TMZ he’s no stranger to the ways of the vagina, claiming he had real-life sex with women before he switched to guys. “It was fun,” he told reporters. In a recent interview with TMZ, Dodson opened up about his life-altering decision:

TMZ: “Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?”
Dodson: “I feel like homosexuality is put on people at early ages the things we see and hear and what’s exposed to us.”

TMZ: “How do you feel about sex with women?”
Dodson: “Sex with women is not new to me. It was fun. I did get enjoyment out of it. I was hurt by a woman as a teen.”

TMZ: “Do you think homosexuality can be ‘cured?'”
Dodson: “I believe when you get to a certain age, you feel different about things and things change, you begin to want more.”

Watch Antoine on TMZ Live: