ArethaFranklin*Hear ye, hear ye! The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has someting to say. So, read on loyal subjects …

Zoe Saldana probably didn’t hear the last of it when critics (including us) ranted about the poor casting choices and overall shadiness of the filmmaker’s behind the Nina Simone biopic.

Instead of choosing someone who may be more qualified for the role,  the folks decided to go with Zoe and apply heavy make up so she could look like the legendary singer.

At any rate, even fans and Simone-ites started up a petition, inciting figures like India Arie to say things like the biopic is a “parody.”

It was bad. Really bad.

Now, in a recent AP interview, Madame Franklin weighed in on how she feels about the casting choices.

“I did know Nina and I would have liked to see someone with a little more of a likeness and [who] hopefully played the piano,” she said. “But I don’t know Ms. Saldana’s work and Hollywood can do a lot of things in terms of changing your features and all of that.”

A liberal response.

Zoe did respond to all the strife, saying that she is staying focused and doing what she does for her “brothers and sisters.”

As far as Diva Aretha is concerned, her biopic had been put on pause for quite some time. Right now, Jennifer Hudson and Tony Award winner Audra McDonald are in the running to be the star of her film.

“The question where Audra is concerned is whether or not Audra can get into soul,” says Franklin. “That would be the question because she has the voice, she has a beautiful instrument. I just wonder how far she can get over into soul.”

Hudson, on the other hand, she says, “Would come up with some good things.”