beyonce *Beyoncé may have the diva demands on lock.

The singer, who is on her “Mrs. Carter Show” world tour, has an interesting list of items she needs, including red toilet paper.

“She expects her list of demands to be adhered to,” a source told Daily Star, adding that she originally turned down the opportunity to use the new dressing rooms in the O2 arena in favor of the others that usually accommodate an entire sports team.

But she ended up using both.

Her rider demands are pretty interesting: hand carved ice balls possibly made of imported water from Switzerland to suck on; freshly painted white walls and a new toilet seat; red toilet paper (gross to think about why); 100 percent pure cotton clothing for staff – we don’t actually know why, but The Daily Star suspects its to prevent Beyoncé from having allergic reactions of some sort; Titanium drinking straws, typically costing somewhere around $935 and are typically used to drink alkaline water served at exactly 21 degrees; and no junk food.

She sounds crazy.