racist graffiti on cali school wall

Racist graffiti found on the walls at Augora High School Sunday, May 12, 2013.

*There appears to be some kind of underlying race war going on and we don’t have a clue who started it.

And here we thought having the first black President was something that was celebrated…not so much.

In a community labeled “one of the safest communities in the country,” Augora Hills, California, some racist idiots spray painted a list of black students who would be the “first to die” at Agoura High School.

Of course parents were outraged to hear of the incident, but mostly because they were not immediately informed about it, according to the Huff Post’s Black Voices.

The “hit list” was believed to be sprayed on the wall last Wednesday, May 15, but there was racist graffiti on the walls discovered and removed from the walls on Sunday, May 12.

One parent spoke out to news station KTLA about her outrage with the school’s administration:

“I am completely shocked that they painted over something and didn’t alert the student body. Maybe kids have information, maybe they have knowledge, but to just completely ignore this, to put my son’s safety at risk? I’m not okay with that.”

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