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I just want to echo what I’m sure most of us feel within ourselves today & that’s sending a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on Earth & to all the heavenly mothers up above whose memory will never be forgotten.

I also want to say that we truly, really, sincerely never have to wait for a Sunday in May just to wish mothers a happy mother’s day. Why? Because every day is mother’s day. We should never take for granted long stretches of time of not reaching out & communicating with mothers. We should never take for granted the simple gesture of calling mom on the phone or stopping by to visit her just to say I love you. Don’t let social media rob us of doing the human touch thing with mothers.

Always remember that mothers in heaven can hear you, so you should still reach out and touch. Touch by prayers, touch by conversation & touch by flashbacks of memories. Most mother’s are usually the backbone & strongest part of most families. Sometimes, the mother also serves as the father too in certain scenario’s & circumstances. Those are the ones that will sacrifice their own selves just to be there & lead.

Like Tupac said: “Dear Mama, you are appreciated.” Like The Intruders once said: “I’ll Always Love My Mama.” Like Cheryl Pepsii Riley once said: “Thanks For My Child.” Like Full Force says: “‘Everyday Is Mother’s Day.’ We salute u mother’s today & everyday. You will always be forever in all of our hearts. You are the song that we sing,the music that we play & thats why you’ll always be number 1 on all the charts.”

To all mothers up in heaven, your spirit is still with us & we thank God above for lighting your way. We give thanks to all moms in every facet of remembering, because EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS DAY ! (Click link below & share with everybody)