lenox avenue*After receiving an overwhelming response to their web series, “Lenox Avenue,” show creators Al Thompson and Brian Rolling have launched an Indiegogo campaign through their production company, ValDean Entertainment, in an effort to produce an extended season finale to meet the show’s demands.

The digital drama series, which stars Thompson, Dorian Missick, Ryan Vigilant, Michael K. Williams, Jamie Hector, and Vanessa Bell Calloway, revolves around three friends as they navigate through the fast paced dating scene in Manhattan’s uptown neighborhood.

Giving fans the opportunity to be involved with the show’s creative process was one of the leading factors in the creators’ decision to launch their 60-day campaign.

“During the feedback, a lot of the females would tell us that they don’t have too many shows where they get to look at themselves through male eyes. We were like, ‘wow,’ that was kind of like a mind blowing comment that we received. So basically the females are being a little bit nosey [Laughs]…because they never get to see us men having an honest conversation, and they never get to see us deal with our emotions and situations that we go through.”

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Watch this “Lenox Avenue” fashion video: