blackstreetChauncey Black (far right), one of the founding members of Blackstreet, along with Teddy Riley (far left), isn’t feeling the latter these days.

Black is taking Riley to court over what he sees as tradermark infringement. You see, Black claims he owns the name “Blackstreet,” but Riley’s been using it illegally.

Now this is where it gets interesting and a tad complicated because originally the name was trademarked by Teddy Riley who let it expire and that’s when Black jumped in and took it for himself.

Apparently Teddy could care less because he’s out using the name Blackstreet for bookings and performances and he’s obviously not breaking Chauncey off any of the funds from the gigs.

SDo why can’t they work/perform together, you ask? Black claims it’s because of Riley’s “uncooperation.”

A rep for Riley tells TMZ, “At this time we have no comment on ANY of the ridiculous and frivolous claims APPARENTLY being made by Chauncey Andre Hannibal aka’Black.'”