chris brown (driving)*The driver of the car that Chris Brown hit in a minor fender bender last week is pretty much lying on the singer-dancer … so says the singer-dancer.

Earlier, TMZ had reported that Brown allegedly refused to give over his driver’s license number (and correct insurance info) to the driver of a Mercedes he rear-ended. By thae way, if the accusations are true, it could jeopardize his probation in the Rihanna beating case.

However, sources close to Brown say he gave the woman all the correct info and when his lawyer attempted to contact her not long after the accident, she hung up on him. Supposedly all subsequent calls from Chris Brown’s lawyer have gone unanswered.

Also, sources also say that LAPD has contacted neither Brown, nor anyone in his camp. On top of all that, the Chris Brown camp feels the photo below (taken at the scene of the accident) shows there was no damage to the other car.

chris brown pic of car he hit