charles ramsey *We were so happy to learn that Charles Ramsey is still being celebrated throughout the Cleveland area.

And not only is he still being honored, but food is being served.

Numerous restaurants in the Cleveland area, as well as one in Pennsylvania, have banded together in a sort of  ”Free Food for Ramsey” alliance.

The idea blossomed from the Hodges restaurant where Ramsey works as a dishwasher.  Chef-co-owner Chris Hodgson came up with the Ramsey burger which Hodgson describes as “an 8-ounce burger of Certified Angus Beef, with a secret sauce,” according to the

Ramsey Burger

Hodges restaurant where Charles Ramsey is a dishwasher, came up with the “Ramsey Burger” which has now been added to their menu in honor of hero Charles Ramsey.

The restaurants that are offering free food to Ramsey for the rest of his life (and/or as long as they’re in business) are: