jordin & robin jeter

Jordan and Robin Jeter of Washington, D.C., reunited at a track meet after being separated at birth 17 years ago.

*Everyone, adopted or not, need to look around and start asking questions about everyone they meet.

It seems that more and more parents have not been forthcoming about information from their past.

Two Washington, D.C. teenagers, Jordin & Robin Jeter, have been going to school 10 minutes from each other, yet have never known that they were sisters.

For 17 years, the girls have been separated and unaware that the other existed.  Jordan had been put up for adoption, yet she knew her biological mother’s last name, Jeter.

Robin bounced around from her mother to foster care and ended up with a legal guardian.

One of Jordan’s track team members at Wilson High School told her that there was a girl on the Friendship Collegiate team that looked exactly like her.