Detroit woman, Mercedes, is outraged by the lack of support from civil servants when she was involved in a fight in front of Legend’s Coney Island on Detroit’s westside, Saturday, April 27, 2013.

*The voyeurism in the U.S. has hit a new moral low with the level of crimes being committed on video.

Too many people are focusing on  becoming amateur cameramen and bullies rather than being helpful.

A Detroit woman by the name of Mercedes was caught, literally, ass out, on camera during a brawl at a Detroit Coney Island restaurant called Legends on West Davison on the westside of Detroit.

Mercedes said that she and a friend walked into the restaurant and immediately, women she did not know, started talking about her.

It gets fuzzy as to who threw the first lick at Mercedes, but a video captured them in a brawl with several women on top of her and her bare bottom exposed along with her breasts.

The super sugar bear that came charging out of nowhere and fell on top of her had ripped underwear and her bare behind exposed as well.