drakedada*In a hilarious edition of ‘dog piling,’ Drake and Miguel are the latest to be smashed by someone out there in Internet land.

Drake was caught wearing Dada on the set of a video. It looks questionable folks.

But it gets better with Miguel.

As we reported, the singer appeared on Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. While performing his hit song “Adorn,” he accidently landed on an audience member’s neck during a stage stunt. It was all bad. The victims totally need VIP tickets for life.

If you missed it, check it out here:

It was almost immediate that the clips and pics of the terrible incident were plastered all over the Net.

As a result of both of these unfavorable incidents, fans and comedians cracked on the artists with Photoshopped photos of either of them doing ridiculous things.

Drake was pictured dancing in the “Thriller” video with M.J., playing major-league baseball and dancing in a Soul Train line.

miguel WWE

Miguel was pictured in the WWE ring and on the set of Mortal Kombat, and people shared pictures of mythical Miguel fans in neck braces.

There’s no coming back after this right!

Here are two more:

drake and miguel

drake MJ