whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

*Is Whoopi Goldberg looking to get into the restaurant business? There’s speculation in that regard because the comedian/actress/talk show host recently took a tour with executive chef Billy Oliva of Delmonico’s restaurant in NYC. “She was in a great mood,” said a witness. “After her tour, Whoopi posed for photos with the staff. She even went into the kitchen to pose with the sous chefs.” After exploring the inner-workings of the restaurant, Goldberg dinned like a queen feasting on steak, boneless rib eye, lobster and more.

garnett march

Garnett March

*According to a very reliable source, EUR has learned that Garnett March, the head of the Urban department at Interscope Records has tendered his resignation. And why is news some will undoubtedly ask? Because, if our information is correct, he was demoted and would be reporting to a white executive who now the head of urban promotion at the company. Our source reminds us that it’s another example of blacks losing power in the industry where black (urban) music has become dominant. So far, March has not responded to our request for a comment.