president obama*As a politician, it’s generally not a good thing when people around the country start referring to your term in office as “Nixon-ian.”

Alas, that term seems to be thrown at Barack Obama more and more these days – and they’re sure not referring to a visit to China or love for board game-monikered dogs.

Nope, less than a year into his second term, Obama’s presidency is dogged by an increasing number of death-by-paper-cut scandal. None of them are on the level of the one that brought down Tricky Dick – there isn’t really a Watergate to be found in this bunch – but the avalanche-like timing of these issues and the administration’s bungling response to each one of them is a real cause for concern.

The Benghazi scandal is overblown and over-inflated by a desperate right-wing media (Obama’s “sideshow” comment is accurate, but the “talking points” screw-up by the administration and a disorganized response from the White House played right into their hands. You could say the same thing for the IRS scandal – overblown, at its core, but exacerbated by the ineffectiveness of leaders below him in the government. Meanwhile, the Associated Press scandal does raise some real questions about the record of the administration on national security oversight policies. It might be the biggest one of the whole three.

It’s definitely time for Obama to make some changes, starting with looking at his hiring practices. He’s a very loyal guy when it comes to the members of his administration – and that loyalty might be starting to hurt him. Now, he’s looking like a baseball manager who doggedly sticks with washed-up veteran pitchers when the whole world can see that they’re cooked. It’s time to start clearing house, moving out some of the anchors that are dragging the administration down; the increasingly ineffective attorney general Eric Holder should probably be the first one to get the ax. These changes have to happen sooner, rather than later. If he waits any longer, “Obama-ian” could become the new “Nixon-ian.”