after earth poster*Will Smith‘s latest film “After Earth” opens today and the reviews, to say the least, are mixed.

Basically, the consensus seems to be that since the focus is Will’s son Jaden in the film, it’s just not up to snuff. It’s not what they’ve come to expect.

However, EUR reader Kimberly Mitchell is among those who watched the film at a sneak-peek screening and saw something else that spoke to her. She was so moved that she contacted us to see if she could share her thoughts as a counter to the critics’ perception of the film. In other words they straight up missed the whole point.

Break it down, Kimberly:

Have we gotten so caught up in entertainment that we can’t see or appreciate clear messages?

This film, “After Earth,” moved me is so many directions. The fact that there were not a lot of characters allowed me to focus on such poignant lessons, such necessary realizations.

The cast symbolized the need to identify each of our “circles” in time of crisis, our personal army. The setting seemed to be in the distant future but the state of mind is NOW, yesterday.

Our current society is in desperate need of help.So many children are lost and life has little value to them. Family has lost its meaning. Respect for each other is deteriorating.  This film was a portrayal of dignity. Dignity of self and others. Where is our dignity? Our day to day fight is weak so just imagine any instance where profound fear and yes, danger is looming, that any of us has to fight monstrosities to overcome … And in addition, not mainly for ourselves but, for someone else.

How hard will we push ourself? How inspired are we to make our loved ones proud? How determined are we to reach the goal?  Whether it be “After Earth” literally or a major catastrophe in our private life how many of us can say that we have been an example of what to do should our children need to follow in our footsteps, should our children need to take our commands, should our children need to overcome fear?  None of us are perfect.  At times we are not who we would like to be, not where we would like to be. The balance in humanity comes from being empowered by what you believe deep inside yourself, that you recognize your imperfections, and you never lose hope and determination.  In panic mode will our “troops” listen to us?  Have our children enough faith in us to hear our words when we are not there? Have we even given our children words to recall in time of need?

This film is about family. This film is about love. This film is about trust…  Respect, love and trust for life! I will let the words ring forever, “Fear is a choice …”  Will and Jaden Smith both make me proud. To work so hard in their actual lives and deliver a piece of work that speaks loudly with echos of truth is both commendable and honorable.  The entertainment industry gives artists the opportunity to speak loud and clear and I can definitely say, “I COPY THAT!”

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