fat joe*Fat Joe was recently in headlines for tax evasion.

In an interview with MTV’s Sway on “Rap Fix Live,” the rapper shared his thoughts about finances. He also discussed Chris Lighty’s untimely death along with his reconciliation with 50 Cent.

On finances:

“You gotta understand, we hire guys who are supposed have Harvard degrees to take care of us,” he said. ”The one thing I can say is, all the time you see artists, the first thing they did to you when you caught money was introduce you to a bunch of fancy guys with bow ties who are gonna take care of your money and all that and then you always see an artist or a celebrity or somebody like that going down for it and these guys never go down for it. But we didn’t go to Harvard for that.”

He went on, opening up about how he grew up poor and giving props to Chris for helping him land his first record deal.

Joe spoke about the suspicion surrounding Chris’ death.

“I don’t wanna offend nobody, but I think it’s 2013. I think — a guy so important like that — they weren’t gonna overlook if he committed suicide. See, none of us want to think that our friends or someone we love would commit suicide,” he said. “What kind of a lawsuit would that be for a guy as rich as Chris Lighty who did so much? What kind of lawsuit would that be for the NYPD? I don’t think they’re gonna fumble the ball on that.”

Chris Lighty’s death was also an integral force in squashing the beef between 50 and Joe.

“He had a lot of respect for Chris Lighty, I had a lot of respect. We went over there and we did the tribute together,” he said. “So when a man stick out his hand for me like ‘Yo it’s for Chris, it’s peace,’ it’s peace. And I don’t anticipate ever having a problem again with him in my life. Because once I give you my word and I give you my hand, it’s love.”