lisaraye (on hands & knees)
*LisaRaye is gonna hit the pole again, y’all.

It’s for a new flick (“Lapdance“) she’s starring in with Lynn Whitfield and would you believe, Stacey Dash! Yep, that Stacey Dash, the one she reportedly had the falling out with on the “Single Ladies” set.

If you’re familiar with LisaRaye’s history, you know she came to fame as an actress back in 1998 in Ice Cube’s film, “The Players Club.” In the flick she made quite an impression playing a stripper named Diamond.

Well it looks like things have come full circle, it appears. We don’t know the full details, but LisaRaye’s new role  in “Lapdance” is set in a gentleman’s club. Well, that says a lot right there, doesn’t it. 🙂

Anywhoo, besides Lynn Whitfield, the film also features Carmen Electra. Oh yeah, Stacey Dash plays a doctor in the Daturi Turner produced movie.

According to, “Lapdance,” formerly titled “Monica,” is about a woman who only takes up stripping to pay off some hospital bills, but things don’t go as planned.

An aspiring actress makes a pact with her fiance to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer stricken father. Once the pact the couple made is broken, their lives are changed forever.

Here’s a tense sneak-peek from the flick which, unfortunately, doesn’t feature LisaRaye. However, if you don’t blink you’ll see her amongst the eye candy in the scene.