floyd mayweather*And the big (mostly uneventful) fight is over.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. still reins as champion of the world after defeating Robert Guerrero in a unanimous decision.

He had a chat with The Huffington Post recently, talking about his father, jail, career and everything in between. He also mentioned his 30-month contract with Showtime (folks were grumbling that it needs to go back to HBO), and Manny Pacquiao, the fight we’ll probably never see.

You had your father, Floyd Sr., back in your corner. What did that do for you?
I always want to perform well for myself. I truly believe in self-preservation, but my dad will always push you to the limit because he wants the best from an athlete. He wants the best for all fighters that he’s working with. My dad had a tremendous game plan with a great camp. We was working hand-to-hand, but my uncle Roger is still working with me also. Me, my father and Roger, the chemistry was great this training camp. First time we all worked together, all three of us.

When you came back from jail, was there ever any doubt in your mind in terms of whether or not you could box again, at least at the same level as before?
You still want to be sharp. The main thing is you gotta keep believing, and that’s one thing about me. I kept believing.

What impact did your jail sentence have on you mentally and psychologically?
It was a crucial moment for me, being locked away. Of course when I came home, mentally it still was in the back of my mind. Each day is getting better, but that situation continues to be on your mind. You think about it all the time. That’s something I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

Check out the full interview here.