floyd mayweather jr.*Floyd Mayweather is an amazing businessman or has some smart people around him.

The undefeated boxer has managed to leverage his resources and better judgment to become the highest paid athlete in the U.S., earning at least $90 million this year from just two fights, says Sport Illustrated magazine.

At only 36-years-old, the fighter, who’s considered the best defensive boxer of his generation, topped the magazine’s Fortune 500 list with his last year top earning of $85 million, with just two fights.

Others on the list include Miami Heat star LeBron James at no.2 with a total of $56.5 million.

LeBron’s income is his $17.5 million salary with an additional $39 million in endorsements.

Surprisingly, golfer Tiger Woods slid into the no. 5 slot with earnings totaling $40.8 million. In 2004, the athlete was at no. 1, all the way through 2011.

Coming up at the end at no. 50, Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano with $18.2 million.

Internationally, it looks like Mayweather is still on top since David Beckham is the highest paid athlete outside of the U.S. with $48 million.