leroy butler

Leroy Butler

*Jason Collins has caused such a stir in the American society its kind of unbelievable. But the buzz has definitely gotten it’s share of negativity, along with some love.

Former Green Bay Packer, LeRoy Butler, sent out a tweet earlier this week to give the homie big ups.

All he wrote was: “Congrats to Jason Collins,” giving him props on ‘coming out.’

Oh and what a can of worms he opened.

The former athlete does speaking engagements across the state of Wisconsin. But after his message, he received an unsuspecting response from a congregation.

“I got a phone call, and one of the ladies from the church said, ‘Did you congratulate some gay person?” the four-time Pro Bowl selection explained to FOXSportsWisconsin.com on Wednesday. “I said, ‘Yeah!’ I thought she was happy about it. I told her I congratulated Jason Collins for coming out. She said, ‘Ohhhh, that’s not good because I don’t think the pastor wants you to talk about that in your speech.’ ”

His speeches have primarily been about bullying, using his own childhood as an example to the children he speaks to. But he’s never mentioned homosexuality.

“So why is this an issue?” Butler wondered. “Why is it a big deal?”

Not disclosing the name of the church, Butler is confused about the ordeal.

“The pastor called me and he wanted to quote the Bible and all that,” Butler said. “I told him that I thought God loves everybody. I thought only God can judge. He just went off on me, saying, ‘We can’t have our kids knowing about that (Collins coming out as gay).’ I said, ‘Whether you like it or not, the kids are going to know about it. It’s all over the news.’ He didn’t think so. He thought the kids in the church would ignore it.”

Butler said the pastor called again later that day.

“He called back and said, ‘If you ask God for forgiveness and apologize and remove the tweet, we’ll let you do the speaking engagement,’ ” Butler said. “I told him, ‘No, I can’t do that. Someone needs to speak up for them, and you ask me to do something as a man that isn’t what I believe in just to make that money.'”

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