diddy (downton diddy)*Last week Sean “Diddy” Combs caused quite the stir when he tweeted that he was joining the cast of “Downton Abbey.”

Of course a lot of folks weren’t quite sure what to make of it because, let’s face it, the Diddy Man isn’t exactly “Downton Abbey” material as an actor. But on the other hand, he’s been quite adept at getting pretty much all or most of what he wants. But when a rep from the PBS show itself refuted Combs’ tweet, we knew the story was bogus.

However, he wasn’t completely wrong. Are you ready for “Downton Diddy?” Yeah, he’s the character Funny or Die introduced as its latest online spoof of the beloved “Downton Abbey” series. Here’s how Diddy introduces the sketch:

“Last week it was reported that they have cast the first black cast member (Gary Carr) … the only problem with this is I already broke down that barrier. I’m the first black cast member … and I got the scenes to prove it.”

In the skit, Diddy plays the role of Lord Wolcott, who keeps confusing “Downton Abbey” with “Downtown Abbey.” Honestly we thought it was going to be another Funny or Die yawner, but we have to say Diddy pulled it off and it’s quite hysterical.

Check it out (be warned there’s some strong language):