*Gabourey Sidibe is showing off her range as an actress.

She’s playing a bully in a recently released independent film, “Yelling to the Sky.”

The chocolate-kissed actress told Essence that she’s all about changing it up and showing the world that she can transform herself into various characters and try new things.

Her newest dream is to be on stage.

“I really like musicals. I would love to do a musical one day,” she said, after revealing she enjoys singing.

Her mother is actually a local singer, known for her melodic ballads on subway platforms in New York. Now she’s on tour.

“She sings really great. She’s touring. Everytime I talk to her she’s like, ‘I just got back from Vegas or I just got back from here,'” the actress said of her mom. “She’s doing a lot of gigs lately so I am really, really proud of her.”