gayle king*Gayle King tried to flare her ‘muscle’ during a somewhat heated chat on “The Talk.”

Last week, Oprah’s best bud got down with the Julie Chen, the wife of the head of CBS, Les Moonves, after she made some disagreeable opinions in the opening segment.

“You could tell that Gayle thought she was the biggest star at the table and came out with guns blazing,” a source tells the NY Daily News. “She sat down and before she was introduced, she gave her opinions about a topic the ladies had discussed on air 20 minutes before she arrived on set. She basically told everyone she thought they were wrong and she was right.”

The group of women were discussing singer LeAnn Rimes and whether she should have sent rival Brandi Glanville (her husband’s ex) flowers on Mother’s Day.

“King said no, but all the ladies thought it was a nice first step,” says one insider.

But that’s not all.

Gayle seemed to have a vendetta and started bugging out about Julie’s unstable anchor career.

“Julie commented that the show had the greatest crew in the world,” says our source. “Gayle agreed and revealed how every morning she welcomed them by saying, ‘in your places, shiny faces.’ Julie laughed in a bitchy way and said, ‘I’m sure the crew loves that at that time in the morning.’

“Gayle went silent before responding, ‘They like us!’ Julie was shocked and rolled her eyes off camera,” says our source. “The crew was shocked.”

the talk

Gayle King joined the ladies of ‘The Talk’ last Wednesday

Backstage, the crew was a little uncomfortable and Julie was overheard saying, “Did that just happen.”

The Daily News insider says, “They couldn’t believe Gayle would come into someone else’s house and be so rude. Especially to someone married to Les Moonves.”

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