sway & wayne brady*For whatever reason some people – even black people just wanna buy into crap-hype that Wayne Brady ain’t “black enough.” But even Bill Maher knows better now.

Well, if you still aren’t convinced that he’s not some white dude walking around in black skin, maybe his appearance Thursday morning on Shade 45‘s (Sirius-XM) “Sway in the Morning” show will convince you otherwise.

For the second time, improve-master Wayne Brady, hung out on with Sway and freestyled over the “5 Fingers of Death.” Not only did Wayne spit off the top of head, but Sway even threw hot topics at him to rhyme about.

“I got that good life. I kept all my stuff ’cause I ain’t got a wife.” When rapping about his life. “Yes, to God I thank. Keep all my green right there in the bank. I keep in the vault and keyed it locked up. See, this is mostly skill, and God, and no luck.”

Jay-Z in Cuba, Jason Collins, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and his favorite (getting’ it in) positions — Oh yeah, he went there. Enjoy the performance below — plus, watch Brady on last year’s “5 Fingers” of Death, HERE.