holly robinson peete (screenshot from blue/wigs)*The world of television is nothing new for Holly Robinson Peete.

With appearances on “21 Jump Street,” “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” and “Mike & Molly,” the mother of four is an established presence on the small screen.

Nowadays, Robinson Peete is venturing into new territory with her work on the second season of “Blue,” the hit WIGS YouTube channel web series starring Julia Stiles.

The show, which centers around Blue (Stiles), a single mother who works as an accountant by day and escort by night to save enough money to send her son to a better school, features Robinson Peete as Holly, Blue’s “no nonsense” lesbian boss at her accounting firm.

“She is a very powerful young lady who really knows where she’s going and what she’s doing,” the actress told EUR’s Lee Bailey while confessing to being easily swayed into taking the part by “Blue’s” director and writer, Rodrigo Garcia. Although she welcomed the chance to work with Garcia, Robinson Peete didn’t know her character was a lesbian until her son pointed it out when reading the show’s lines with her.

“It was not part of the pitch. He said ‘I wrote a part for you.’ Rodrigo is an amazing writer and a great director so when he said he wrote a part for me I didn’t even think about ‘Oh. What is it?’I was excited just to go do it and work with him,” she recalled. “I didn’t even know’. It wasn’t part of the pitch, but it was certainly part of what I love about Rodrigo. It’s you never know what he’s gonna throw at you and so I welcomed it and look forward to whatever comes with that.”

With the show being online, Robinson Peete enters a new medium. One she has no problem settling into.

“This is the new way of the world, these webisodes. It’s such a different genre but I really loved it,” she said. “It felt very much like I was shooting a TV series except you can watch in on the web on demand at anytime.”

“What I love about this “Blue” series is that it’s deep. It’s about a woman who essentially has a secret life. She’s a single mom. She’s an accountant during the day and then she’s raising this boy and at night, she’s an escort,” Robinson Peete continued. “It really has some interesting twists and turns. I hope I get to come back and play her boss again because I think there are a lot of other elements that my character, other ways she could go.”

“Blue’s” second season comes at a great time. The show’s first season became WIGS’ biggest first season hit after garnering over 11 million views.

Robinson Peete’s appreciation of the webisode format extends beyond acting. The entertainer is utilizing the medium to produce webisodes for her nonprofit charity, the HollyRod Foundation. In addition, Robinson Peete encourages more people to take advantage of the chance to produce their own content in light of the resources that are available.

“You have to take ownership of your own content. That’s what so many people are doing with a lot of these web series…You may not be making a lot of money, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find an outlet for your acting, whether you produce it yourself or whether you create your own YouTube channel. It’s just unlimited now the opportunity that you have with the Internet and social media and to get your product seen.”

“Blue” airs on the WIGS channel on youtube.com/wigs .

Watch this episode of WIGS/Blue featuring Holy Robinson Peete. Here scene starts about a minute and 51 seconds in: