cece bruce*This is one of those stories that kinda hard to believe.

In Indianapolis, Cece Bruce, a waitress at Stake and Shake, was the recipient of a $446 tip! If that’s not crazy enough, the bill was only $6.00!

But it was her positive attitude that made the difference.

Cece Bruce, who attends school part time, has been working at the restaurant for two years.

“Serving is our bread and butter,” the waitress told WTHR.  ”So if we’re not nice, then we don’t get tipped good.”

The story goes that she was having trouble with a table who was giving her a hard time, but she says she “just kept smiling and going on because that’s what you got to do.”

Watching her handle the situation was a regular customer named

Shortly after, one of her regular customers, Miss Jo, left her the very generous tip that Cece initially thought was $46.00, but then saw it was far, far more.

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