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Glenn Burke

*Just when Jason Collins, 12-year NBA veteran, came out the closet, someone had to pull up some records and steal his thunder.

The basketball player unveiled himself in a first-person essay for Sports Illustrated that appeared online on Monday.

Within hours, he had received so much support from community members and Pride supporters.

But before there was a gay Jason Collins, there was Glenn Burke.

Actually, according to Deadline, a few filmmakers want to see the production of a film about guys like Jason, before his time.

Glenn Burke was the first openly gay Major League Baseball player, which he revealed in 1982 in an Inside Sports magazine article and then on “The Today Show” with Bryant Gumbel.

While it was much more taboo at the time, he was out to his family and friends and wasn’t really hiding it. He commented that by 1976, “I think everybody knew,” but was “sure his teammates didn’t care.”

While participating in professional sports presents its own challenges, the baseball player, who is credited with bringing the “high 5,”  said he was driven away from the organization because of the prejudices.

He passed away in May 1995 from complications from AIDS.

And guess what? Everyone can learn about him thanks to this documentary out about his life that was originally released in 2010.

“Glenn Burke changed the world forever with that one hand slap […] Yesterday, Jason Collins changed the world forever when he told the truth. It’s a moment of truth that the world has been waiting for,” said Jamie Lee Curtis, who is producing the film with Robert Horowitz.

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Jason Collins