jay-z 1930s look-a-like*Larger than life rapper Jay-Z has a doppelganger in the form of a man who was photographed in 1939 while sitting outside of a stoop in Harlem.

The resemblance is beyond striking (eerie even), as the nattily dressed look-alike poses for the camera, decked out in a sportcoat and newsboy hat, his arm resting on his elevated leg, while another gentleman dawning a white fedora sits beside him drinking.

The black and white photo, which surfaced online via the Schomburg Center’s Tumblr page, has become all the rage among Jay-Z fans, and many are beginning to wonder if he had a distant relative in another part of New York City.

While there’s no official connection between Mr. Carter and the unnamed man, it does make for interesting conversation. Jay-Z has worked with the Schomburg Center in the past. He partnered with the New York Public Library to host an online conversation with scholar Cornel West, breaking down his book, “Decoded,” in 2010.