jermaine dupri & chris kelly

Jermaine Dupri and Chris Kelly

*The music world was reminded of 90’s hip-hop when news broke that Chris Kelly, one half of rap duo “Kriss Kross,” had been discovered lifeless in his Atlanta home earlier this week.

The young lyricist was only 34 years old. In a twist of events, the Fulton Police found evidence during their investigation of Kelly’s home that his death could potentially be the result of a drug overdose.

The official autopsy report has yet to be released. In a heart-wrenching Twitter message, rap pioneer and super-producer Jermaine Dupri, who discovered Kriss Kross more than 15 years ago, reflected on the life of his fallen comrade:

“To the world Chris was MacDaddy but to me, he was a son I never had,” Dupri wrote. “As much as you may think I taught him, he taught me. God has blessed me to be in the presence of so many naturally talented people, and Chris was one. His understanding of what we set out to do, from day one was always on point. His passion for the music, his love for doing shows, his want to better than everyone else, was always turnt up. When I think about it I spent more time with Chris than damn near anybody in my whole life, so you can imagine how bad this hurts? I will always love you Chris, and I will never let the world forget you. May God bless your soul.”

Chris Smith, the remaining half of the group, also expressed deep sorrow for the loss of his longtime friend and running mate. On Twitter he posted:

Chris Kelly was my Best Friend,” said the rapper in a statement. “He was like a brother. I love him and will miss him dearly. Our friendship began as little boys in first grade. We grew up together. It was a blessing to achieve the success, travel the world and entertain Kris Kross fans all around the world with my best friend,” he continued. “It is what we wanted to do and what brought us happiness. I will always cherish the memories of the C-Connection.”

chris kelly & chris smith

Chris Kelly and Chris Smith