The NBA playoffs are on and poppin’.

And in the New York Knicks – Boston Celtics series, things have gotten downright nasty. Actually it’s become personal. Real personal.

If you didn’t see it, after game 5 Wednesday night, Celtics reserve Jordan Crawford and Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony had some quickie face time with each other.

Watching it in real time, what Crawford apparently said to Anthony about his wife, La La was an extension of what Kevin Garnett infamously said to Melo about Mrs. Anthony. Only Crawford’s language was not as creative as Garnett’s and was downright “gutta.”

If you recall, earlier in the season, Garnett and Carmelo got into it after Garnett reportedly told him his wife “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Like we said, after Wednesday’s game in which the Celtics beat the Knicks, Crawford and Anthony had their brief confrontation. Social media blew up with video and gifs of the incident  that appears to show Crawford saying some pretty profane stuff to Anthony about his wife La La. You can watch it above. Be warned lip readers ’cause it’s definitely explicit and NSFW.

In the meantime, Mrs. Anthony isn’t letting it go. Thursday, she fired off this pointed missive at Crawford via Twitter:

Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”
la la & crawford tweets

Check out these other post game tweets about the incident:
knicks celtics post game 5 tweets