juanita bynum*Juanita Bynum has been through a lot in the past decade or so.

As we reported, the Christian icon was arrested recently in Dallas, Texas over debt owed to a promoter. But she says it was all a mix up, explaining the debt was generated due to fraud.

“Until recently, it was my understanding that a resolution had been reached involving a business dispute between Mr. Al Wash, of ALW Entertainment and myself,” reads Bynum’s statement on the April 18 arrest in Dallas, Texas. “I was wrongfully detained, by the Dallas Texas Sheriff’s Dept. for failing to appear in court several months ago, for a civil court appearance, of which I knew nothing, involving the prior mentioned business dispute.” The statement, published on Bynum’s ministry website, was dated April 24.

The self-proclaimed prophetess was released from jail after a “brief court hearing” stemming from the lawsuit originally filed by Wash.

“I have not been found guilty of any fraudulent, unethical or non-integral behavior,” Bynum adds in the statement, which also includes an apology attributed to Wash that is dated April 19, the day after her arrest.

Wash, however followed up after the arrest with a public statement explaining that there was a “misunderstanding of information” and that he never intended the arrest to “do her or her ministry any harm.”

The amount owed by Juanita Bynum that’s currently on the table is $140,000.

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