k. michelle*By now, we’re convinced K.Michelle has the best publicist in the world because she’s always in some kind of drama in headlines.

She needs her own reality show.

At any rate, the “Love & Hip Hop” star has recently fallen victim to rumor again, this time about hooking up with Evelyn Lozada’s former man, Chad Johnson.

Lately she and Chad have been exchanging lots of tweets between each other.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with two single people chatting it up or, hell, two grown a** people having a conversation, but folks are wondering if there’s more to the conversation that we can all behold.

K.Michelle took to Instagram to shoot down the rumors.

Im single, not dating ANY1. Hot pocket shut down unti further notice. Im really f*~kin the sh*t ouf  [sic] this MUSIC though,” she wrote, reminding everyone of her rather intimate medical issues.

We don’t know why she’s telling all her ‘private’ issues, but she did tell the world via the show that she’s having a little trouble with her vajayjay.

This isn’t the first time the two have been called out about a possible romance.

When someone asked Chad if he was dating K.Michelle, before he could give a solid answer, she jumped in with a response of her own.

NO! I’m a black woman with comman [sic] sense. He needs groupies with no career,” K.Michelle tweeted. “Sorry, I’m just honest. Not easily impressed. Oh well.”

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