katherine jackson*Katherine Jackson may have sabotaged her own case against AEG.

According to RadarOnline.com, the attorney for the mother of the late pop star told jurors in an opening statement that her son had been addicted for decades and that the family knew it all along. But AEG claimed to be unaware of it.

However, Katherine, along with Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon issued a statement previously saying that Michael was not addicted to painkillers or alcohol.

Why is this a big deal? Katherine is suing AEG for playing a role in the death of her son, implying that the company knew about his problem and didn’t properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray.

But the tide has shifted.

The family’s statement, issued on September 7, 2007, says, “People Magazine has followed other publications in reporting untrue and inaccurateinformation about Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Of these wildly reported rumors, what has become the most troubling and heinous, is that my son, and our brother, Michael Jackson, is dependent on painkillers and alcohol. People and other news organizations, have quoted ‘sources,’ indicating that our family has attempted a drug intervention, and engaged in an effort to take over his business affairs, because of this alleged drug and alcohol usage.

“We categorically deny ever planning, participating in, or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever,” the statement asserts.

Her attorney, Brian Panish also told the jurors the same in the opening statements.

“Over the years Michael’s family and people who knew him believed he had a problem with prescription medication,” Panish told jurors, and that AEG and its executives claim to be the only ones who were unaware of his issues.

Panish revealed to the jury of six men and six women that Jackson had an addiction to prescription drugs, including Demerol, and relied on pain medications after he suffered horrific burns on his head during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984, says Radar.

AEG maintains that the company did not hire the doctor, and could not have predicted the events that led to the singer’s death.