kenya moore*Kenya Moore, who happens to be single and childless, is calling out those “RHOA” men/husbands. She says they need to learn how to address a lady.

It totally went down during part 3 of the season 5 reunion on Sunday.

First, it was a battle between Kenya and her unspoken object of affection or lust, Apollo Nida, who accused her of trying to get into his pants.

He said it was so bad once that he had to check into a different hotel where they were both staying in separate rooms.

But she accused him of texting her, and even showed the messages to reunion host Andy Cohen, asking him to reveal anything scandalous.

Then she hopped on the manhater train and chewed out Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, over her relationship with Walter Jackson.

She further shared her thoughts on the Bravo blog.

“No real or decent man verbally attacks a woman,” she wrote. “The truth is, Peter, Apollo, and Kordell have all shown unacceptable aggression and intimidation toward women. Only cowardly men raise their voices in anger, physically act aggressively, or angrily shout at and attack women.”

Let’s keep in mind, however, Kenya was in an abusive relationship once and so may be a bit more sensitive than the other women.

But she went on and on.

“Real men stay out of their women’s business and they don’t engage in repugnant hostile actions or words toward a woman whether they know, like, or dislike her,” Kenya stated.

Oh but she followed up with congratulatory praise toward Gregg and Todd.

“I applaud Gregg and Todd for the classy and appropriate way they refrained from attacking me unlike the others to get camera time,” Kenya commended. “The others are always looking for their moment, which is why they all bonded with my groupie ex. As badly as they all want to hold a peach, they never will.”