kobe bryant & mother (pamela bryant)*As we reported earlier, NBA veteran and five time world champion Kobe Bryant has a new challenger to overcome—his mother.

Reports show that Bryant contacted his lawyer when he discovered that his childhood mementos, including state championship rings, jerseys, trophies, and an assortment of basketball gear from his high-school days, are in jeopardy of being sold away. But this won’t be any ol’ yard sale on a Saturday afternoon.

Instead, Pamela Bryant, the matriarch of the Bryant family, recently struck up a deal with high-profile auctioneers who have agreed to pay her upward of $1.5 million dollars for Kobe’s old jockstrap and sweat socks and stuff. How lucky!

Pamela has taken all the stuff to an auction house, claiming he gave it all to her, and she got a $450,000 advance which she says she’s using to buy a house in Nevada. Kobe contacted the auction house and said they had no right to sell any of the items because they belong to him. Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate.

Kobe offered to buy his parents a home (or rather, another home) because he’s rich and that’s what rich people do. He thought he found a winner in Vegas, per his parents request—boy was he wrong. Ma and Pa Bryant didn’t approve of his choice, but not for reasons you would think. Apparently, they wanted something bigger and more extravagant. Kobe drew a line in the sand, refused to up the ante, and here we are.

It may seem like Kobe’s parents are being unreasonable. However, sources say Pamela was infuriated and believed Kobe was shortchanging them, especially compared to what he does for Vanessa’s (his wife) mom, Sofia Laine. Kobe put Sofia up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which sold recently.

After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby. Kobe’s counter argument is that he’s stepped up for years by giving his parents millions of dollars and buying them homes and cars. The back-and-forth between Kobe and his parents began way back when he married Vanessa without a prenup.

The Laker favorite tweeted on Saturday morning: “When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?”