pamela and joe bryant

Pamela and Joe Bryant

*Oh dang! Trouble in paradise for Kobe Bryant … again.

The Lakers superstar guard is having some family drama. And that’s an understatement.

His parents are calling him a liar and have totally disowned him after he accused his mom of stealing millions of dollars of his basketball memorabilia and later putting it up for auction, says TMZ.

It’s so bad that both his father and mom (Joe and Pamela Bryant) have filed sworn declarations in the legal dispute between Kobe and Goldin Auctions.

And according to the docs, Goldin claims that Kobe willingly gave the items in question to his mom, so it’s her right to sell them.

Kobe’s grandma even filed a legal declaration in support of Pamela.

But  check this out. Kobe’s sister, Sharia Washington, filed a legal declaration claiming her mother has been conspiring to sell her bro’s things for years, saying the family would get a lot of cash for it.

By the way, Kobe countersued and is asking Goldin to return the items. Besides, he says his mother stole the items from his house. Dang!

Bottom Line: A judge blocked the auction … for now.