laila ali*Laila Ali is a beast. The former boxer and hot mom delivered her second child in 2011 and look at her now, she’s better looking than ever.

“The second time around I knew what to expect so I was a little easier on myself,” says Ali, who also has son CJ, 4, with her husband, former NFL star Curtis Conway. “Once I saw that you just have to eat right and exercise that’s what I did and it worked.”

Being a mom can be sexy is what she’s showing the world with her just in time bikini fit bod.

“I’ve never done a bikini shoot before,” she admits to PEOPLE.

“I’m kind of shy, I’m not one of those people whose comfortable walking around with my butt out. But I had a baby, I got my weight down and I’m always talking about fitness and health. It’s time to show people what I’m working with.”

“I’m naturally a big girl,” Ali explains. “I have to work to be fit. I love running. I run three times a week and I do strength training and weights. And sometimes I throw a little spinning in there.”

There’s still time ladies! You can still look great for summer.

She says the secret is doing the bad stuff only in moderation.

“It’s what you do 90 percent of the time that matters,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m not really into junk food, but I like to have a cheat day no matter what, usually on the weekend. I might have pizza, frozen yogurt or a brownie.”