mountain dew & odd future

New Mountain Dew commercial features music group Odd Future and a goat named Felicia. Racist or not?

*The commercials we see these days are racy and some are even being called racist.

But, we are going to leave it up to you to pass judgement on one commercial that is walking a very fine line.

Are you familiar with Mountain Dew’s goat named Felicia?  Well, we weren’t either!

But she’s featured in the latest commercial the company is using to sell their sugary, caffeine charged soda.

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Felicia is standing between  members of the all African American male group “Odd Future” or as this commercial suggests, the usual suspects, in a police line-up while they await their fate.

Felicia is a talking goat, by the way, who talks like a gang banger.  The goat threatens the beat-up white woman while the white detective stands behind her trying to get her to pick any of them.

Any one of them will do.