lil mo*Lil’ Mo (yeah, we had to Google her too to remember who she is) got on the air with Power 105.1 talking a big game about her musical talents.

The singer told the world that she could out-sing Ciara (everyone can), Keri Hilson (doubt it), and Olivia (maybe).

“Circles…around all three of them if they were in a group and they were backed by RocNation,” Lil’ Mo joked during the interview.

Now a star of reality show, “R&B Divas” the singer said she’s blessed these days to sing in churches and alongside Fabolous.

“That’s just the gift and the anointing that’s over my life. I’m not mad at nobody for their gift, but my gift is something special, and I don’t take it for granted, and I don’t like when people take theirs for granted,” said Lil’ Mo who named a couple gospel artists she considers her vocal peers.

Karen Clark Sheard, Kim Burrell,” she listed, noting that they all have more “church” voices. “I have swag, but I’m straight church.”

When asked to compare herself to Beyoncé’s vocal talents, she simply put her hands up with a non-response.

“You don’t talk about Beyoncé,” Lil’ Mo said. “When you mention the Queen Bee, suddenly your career disappears into thin air.”

It’s like that?

Speaking of the Queen ‘Bey,’ as far as the Super Bowl performance, she says Keyshia Cole was totally wrong for attacking Michelle.

“When you try to attack who you think is the weakest link…be very careful and mindful of what you put in the atmosphere because people are watching,” said Mo who explained that she’s close with Michelle.

“Why are you trying to come at her? She’s at the Super Bowl. B!tc#, you ain’t there… You start naming names, you make yourself a target to the fans who are from Michelle’s camp and Bey’s camp,” she said, acknowledging that Keyshia was just sharing her opinion.

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