nelia arellano

Nelia Arellano

*In an interview with ABC7 (KGO-TV) in the Bay Area, Nelia Arellano, 36, who survived the limo fire that killed 5 women, including a bride-to-be and her wedding party, is speaking out against the driver, Orville Brown.

Brown is claiming that he did everything he could to save all 9 women who were passengers in the 1999 Lincoln Town Car limousine last Saturday night.

Arellano says that’s not the case.

“When he get out from that car, he just opened the door, that’s all he did,” she told ABC7. “I even ask the driver, ‘Open the door, open the door.’ He didn’t do anything.

“I even ask him, ‘Help me, help me,’ because I bring out my head from that compartment and say, ‘Help me,’ so I could squeeze myself over there and slide myself,” she said Monday.

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