mathew knowles*Things just took a left turn for Beyonce’s daddy, Mathew Knowles.

Papa Knowles is the recipient of bad news from the IRS. They say he still owes taxes … $1.2 million … from the days when he managed Bey’s career. Well, apparently he made multimillions if he now owes $1.2 milli.

According to TMZ, the government recently filed a lien against Knowles, claiming he needs to pay up from the years 2010 ($485,575.95) and 2011 ($728,004.89) … all totaled, $1,213,580.84.

If this report is accurate, the IRS actions could have a dampening effect on his current business. He may even have to try an borrow a lil sumthin’ summthin’ from Bey and Jay.