Michael Vick*Michael Vick is tired of hearing the critics.

The Eagles quarterback responded to the mile long commentary from folk he says know nothing about football.

They say he’s holding on to the ball too long and takes too long to scan the field.

“I’m really tempted right now to just say no comment to that because like I said a second ago, you don’t last 12 years in the NFL not being able to read the defense,” Vick told 97.5 the Fanatic via Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com. “Those people who are talking and saying that are just ignorant, and they know nothing about football. Unless they turn on the film and watch my game and see what goes on, then they’ll replace those comments with the right comments.”

He went on in an attempt to further justify his position, but kind of failed.

“We had a lot of deeper throws last year, which required more time,” Vick said. “It’s just a big difference. Not to say there was anything wrong with the west coast system, I loved it. I spent seven years in it, and it was cool. But I think the change of pace for me at this point in my career is good and the game is a lot easier now.”

He also talked about the success he’s had with new Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s method, saying running with the ball is something he once taught him.

“Chip told me how to run with the football the other day,” Vick said. “He taught me how to run with the football and how to carry the football, and I think it’s something that you just have to work on.”

So there. Critics can kiss his butt.