Michelle Williams (FELA)*Michelle Williams may have finally found her niche in theater.

The former Destiny’s Child singer and gospel artist told MTV News about her experience on the “Fela!” tour.

“It feels amazing to be involved with ‘Fela!’ because I said that between each album, I wanted to do a theater run,” Williams told MTV News. “I’m on my fourth album, and this is my fifth show, actually, so I’m on time. I just need to catch up on an album so it’s five and five, but it’s an amazing experience for me to do both.”

She played the role of ‘Sandra Isadore,’ Fela’s love interest.

“What I like about Sandra is that she saw something in Fela,” she said. “Fela was definitely passionate about his music and passionate about what he was feeling – he knew things were going wrong in Nigeria, he knew there was corruption going on – but [he was] emotional about things [that he hadn’t] studied, researched and gotten all the facts [about], and that’s what Sandra helped him to do. I like how she loved him, saw the potential in him and she helped him to learn more about himself and his country.”

Michelle expressed her appreciation for the learning process, joking about how she managed to get through the tour without one nervous breakdown.