Miguel*Miguel has a bone to pick with all you judgmental black folk out there. The singer recently put his foot in his mouth via Twitter.

In his message,as we reported, he scolded black people for being prejudiced, despite the fact many of his fans are black (good PR buddy). His comments struck a chord with some pretty angry Twitterbugs (presumably of color), and now they want his head on a spit (or at least an explanation).

Alas, it’s been a tough month’s end for the poor boy. It wasn’t long ago when he almost decapitated some chick after landing on her neck during a failed attempt to leap over an entire crowd of people while performing his already classic single, “Adorn” at the recent Billboard Awards. No one knows why he did it. But many people have theorized that his skin-tight pants were far too snug for a distance jump of that magnitude (they just didn’t allow enough spring). 

The helpless victim appeared to be in good spirits despite being forced to swallow Miguel’s entire leg. He even invited her backstage after his performance to make amends. But in a baffling turn of events, the injured party has decided to take legal action against Miguel for damages, reports show. Who could have seen this coming? The nerve of some people these days.

As far as his comments about finger-pointing black people are concerned, Miguel isn’t backing down. Instead, the adroit crooner has decided to get philosophical (like Buddha).

Everyone is judgmental,” he reiterated while talking to DJs at BBC Radio in the UK. “We’re all judgmental because we’re human. We only live our reality, so we don’t understand everything.”

Although he has received negative (and positive) reactions to the controversial statements, Miguel is sticking to his guns.

“I see more Black people tearing down other Black people than I see any other culture tearing down their own culture, no matter what they’re doing,” he said, specifically in reference to bloggers. “We’re tearing each other down.”

Miguel continued, “It’s so easy to hide behind your influence and use it for personal gain. It really takes a bit of backbone to speak your mind on the issues that really bother you. That was the intention. I’ll be the artist and the man who will stand by his opinion, express his opinion, and be open and honest with people.”