*It’s about time Bill Maher responded to Wayne Brady.

Not because he owes Brady any sort of explanation or apology for his previous jokes about Brady’s supposed lacking Black male fortitude.

Maher needs to respond because he has never been reticent to respond to the likes of a Donald Trump or a Sarah Palin.

Man up, Bill.

On its face it’s more than odd that Maher is comfortable enough to openly question the simian parentage of a real estate magnate but gives pause to a game show host. It’s noticed and to be highlighted that although Maher gleefully dubbed Sarah Palin a “c***,” he’s at a loss for words and bravado when confronted with Brady’s oratory.

I care nothing for either Donald or Sarah but the facts are what they are.

Man up, Bill.

wayne brady & bill maher

Wayne Brady & Bill Maher

If he is willing to refer to ANY woman as a “c***” there is no argument to be made that Maher is taking the high road with Brady. The high road doesn’t have an access ramp if you practically live on the subway in your humor. The list of insults levied by Maher at those who either irritate or deride him is longer than all of the stages of the Tour De France strung together. History is clear, Maher took on all comers and no subject was taboo. He never missed an opportunity to insult believers of any religion. Ironically, his comedic fixation on religion is arguably religious in nature.

Those observations aside, Maher is for the most part a funny, funny guy with brilliant comedy underlying his political insights. At the same time, being consistently comically adept does not change the facts of how he has taken considerable time to generate laughs at the expense at Wayne Brady and now has nothing witty to say when called out by the same.

We believe Mo’Kelly has a point there, Mr. Bill. Find out what else Mo’Kelly has to say about the drama between Bill Maher and Wayne Brady at MrMo’Kelly.com.

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