MoNique*Mo’Nique is looking super fly in her new body.

The comedienne/actress shed over 80 pounds and looks like a new person (she still has those stunning cheeks though).

During an interview with Hot 97, the actress bragged about how she lost the weight, saying it was good old-fashioned diet and exercise.

“I tweet every morning my workouts because I want women to see — especially us big women — that you don’t have to let them cut you and suck it out, you don’t have to let them staple you up, you don’t have to let them give you a pill, you don’t have to let them put a band around your organs. If you just put the work in, baby, I promise you, it’ll come off,” Mo’Nique said around the 4-minute mark.

Her goal is to be between 190 and 200. Not far from it, it’s been three years on her weight loss journey and Mo’Nique is strutting her sexy body at a fabulous 218.

She may have to stop calling herself a big girl soon.

Also, with her new body, we’ve got questions about her open marriage, which she’s been so candid about over the years.

She admitted after she did that interview with Barbara Walters in 2010, her perspective has changed a bit.

“When I did that interview, I didn’t realize the king that I had. I was just being old Mo’Nique … It actually backfired. I thought I was saying to women ‘you can enjoy your cake and eat it, too.’ It backfired … Now that I understand what I have, baby listen, there’s not another man on the face of this earth that can compare to mine. In my humble opinion. That’s just for me … When you really take the energy and pay attention to your relationship … and really take the energy really put your all into that relationship and love him in a way that your mama didn’t teach you how to love a man, don’t neither one of y’all wanna go nowhere … Sisters listen, treat ‘em like a King if you wanna be treated like a Queen — it works.”

Check out the interview: